Friday, August 15, 2008


Hi, Cogswell sent me down to LA as part of group for siggraph again this year and I had a blast! This time the Dark Lord had the opportunity to hang out with some of my favorite students- and get clobbered by Po.
The Cogswell booth - clockwise: Chelsey, Heath, Jillian, Rachael, Amy, Steve, Ryan, Fabian in the red plaid and some guys who I...uh...don't know.Chelsey and Heath take time to sign the new Cogswell Sketchbook (I'll post a link soon)
Lots of great feedback for this little book and by far the coolest give away item from any of the college booths.
Joe G. smiles...
...but not enough for Amy.
The great Fabian M. at out hotel.Some sketchbook students at Fatburger, baby! We got to see some downtown sights.Nothing like a dense layer of smog to give the city that fresh feeling.
LA's court may recognize it because it's in EVERY movie about LAI know this is sideways but doesn't it look like a metal blimp and tie post?

Some favorite booths included Laika, Blue Sky and, of course, Walt Disney Animation. This year Disney had animators on the floor talking to a continuously enormous group of folks so I couldn't too close, but woah. Thanks Disney for bringing back traditional animation. I admit, I really do love it and I'm, hoping Princess and the Frog meets or beats expectations.
Blue Sky's totally awesome dino from the latest Ice Age movie. I asked but they wouldn't give it to me...drat. Some cool swag - yeah Dave, I got you a pack of Bolt cards from the Disney booth.
The sun sets on our time in LA LA land.
On the plane flight back the students and I drew in eachother's sketchbooks. Quick drawings and each to a different theme in 20 minutes or less. Below are two of mine.
Below are the students...'Cute & Scarey' from Steve'Sea Creature' from Ryan

'Law Man' from Heath And er...monsters that like crapes from Cassia - oh that's cr- nm.
I would like to thank Cogswell for sending me and the students for making time to make this event loads of fun. Good luck to all of you who applied, went to the job fair, or got interviews.
Congrats to Amy for winning a drawing heat over at the AI booth too.
If you have some pix you'd like to share or want to see some more pix email me.
I hope we can do it again next year.


californiagrown said...

Hey Jeff, those pictures are great! Ill have to post mine when I get a chance. I just want to say that i had a blast hanging out with you and everyone else. Ill make sure to stop by and say hello. Thanks for everything you've done for us and for giving me the opportunity to work on such a fun project. Being there with everyone and signing eachothers books was a great feeling of accomplishment. Ill never forget it!

jgiambrone said...

i'll have to agree with fabian, siggraph was an awesome experience that i'll never forget. the pictures are great! hanging out with everyone (including yourself) made the time at the convention so much more fun! hopefully one day we can all get together again and paint the town red a second time. until then i'll talk to soon and thanks for being an excellent teacher and friend.

ajmihara said...

It's always entertaining hanging around you Jeff (especially when things are said that can be taken another direction). But you've helped me improve so much over the time I spent at Cogswell, I really do appreciate it. Thanks a bunch!

Btw, I'm still waiting for those two photos you said you send me for matte painting practice... I'll just grab some of the pics you posted in the mean time.

All hail the dark lord.

Kyle Van Meurs said...

Dang, looks like I missed out on a fun adventure :( I had a good time as well, but it would have been great to hang out with you guys more.

I will also agree that the sketchbook was by far the coolest hand out from any school, and one of the better ones from any other booth.

It was a very fun project to work on, and I thank Jeff/Dave and everyone for the opportunity. I hope to keep in touch with all of you, and good luck to those that submitted portfolios or already had interviews!

Jeff Jackson said...

Thanks for hanging out with ME guys, that's what made my experience so much fun. From crazy hotel hopping debacles, to wandering all over downtown looking for a way back to the hotel, to slurping yummy milkshakes from Fatburger, to watching the Dark Knight, to suffering a body cavity search just to see the animation festival, you guys made it a trip worth remembering. Thank you!
You are all welcome to sit in on my classes or just to drop in and say hello. Keep me posted on your adventures,

Anonymous said...

Thank You Jeff for all of the awesomeness and crap!


Heath said...

These pictures are awsome! I too had a blast hangen out with you and everyone at the con, it was just a great time. It was also great to hang out with Chelsey Fabian and Amy as our own little posse. I hope we can do it again next year. And the sketchbook just rocked, though it may have been a hassell at times it turned out great and it was by far the best hand out at the con. I definatly wont forget this trip and how much fun I had. Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaahhh!


beholder of the Brick of Death said...

Hey El Jeffe. Your ok. Gonna work on getin you one of those crazy Star Wars shirts from the peeps at Lucasarts.

Remember "your ok"

Jeff Jackson said...

My okay? What about my okay? Oooh I'd love a shirt from your peeps...wait aren't those the horrible little marshmallow things that you get at Easter? Let me know what their favorite animals are and we'll go from there.
Cassia do you have a real site? I'll post it to this blog.
Heath, when are we going to Gilroy Gardens?
Any one going to PAX?
And okay...okay I'll see what we can do about another has to kick as much ass as this though, get to work I'll post notices later.