Thursday, January 26, 2012

Supplies and Text Books

Welcome to 2D Animation class! There are lots of things I recommend getting as you begin you studies in this most rewarding of topics.  Some things are required and some are recommended, so I threw together some visual aids for the books and supplies students will need this semester, because reading it off the syllabus was just not cool enough.

First off, text books. You will need these, if nothing else, to have on your shelf so when you get interviewed, you look smart.
 Buy it here!
 Buy it here!
 Buy it here!
There are so many other great'll wish you had more eyes. Now, there may be PDF versions of these...nothing beats having a text laying right there waiting for you to flip through the pages but digital versions DO make your backpack lighter. Whichever works for you digital age babies.


Col-Erase pencils; the blue and the Carmine red, because the scarlet red isn't really red but more orange-y. I think there is secret guerrilla police force that will club you senseless if you use yellow, light/lime green, or light violet to draw with, SO DON'T DO IT!! Who would blame them? Yellow colored pencil indeed...mumble mumble mutter mutter. Prismacolor pencils, specifically PC935 black, I love you PC935. China markers/grease pencils, when used with SMOOTH newsprint (below) it's magical. X-acto knife to sharpen with.
Random pens. Low maintenance on supplies, use what works.Brush pens and other pens. I really like the Faber-Castell PITT pens. They cost more...
Smooth newsprint SMOOTH...because we all know there is big difference between smooth and rough. I mean roads...smooth roads and rough roads...rough roads are really bumpy...what were you thinking about? Ahem.Animation peg bar.Animation paper.A light box as sold on
A lot of time to devote to your work. A. Lot. Of. Time. no more 13 hours of WOW for you. Is this not a cool clock though?Something to keep you awake and working-pick your poison. Me, I love Peet's as you can tell by the image above which I shamefully stole but don't remember where I got it from (apparently from somebody named Clemson's Flickr account). Sorry Clemson.  Or you may need this:
Or even this:
Mmm coffee....I should just strap this to my back.

You will also need:

This really doesn't need a caption does it?
That's right, soap. I know you guys stay up all night working on your assignments but one word; HYGIENE!  People! Ge-awd! But definitely this:
Do you know what Dang-man is? It's when your breath is so bad, people say, "!" At least some of this:
Or these (Yay, Curious George! Get it? get it? hello?)
He would eat all the boxes...The Man in the Yellow Hat would not be happy. If you don't know who Curious George or The Man in the Yellow Hat is...Welcome to Earth...loser.

...And a sorry card like this one. Because you'll be working and will miss a date...or two...or three or fourty-seven. Have fun and rewarding semester.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Model Sheets Continued

Working on stuff...
And right after posting this, I realized how still the waking bear is and whipped out a more silhouetted one. This goes back to the comment, "Push it." Guess I outa play the know.