Monday, June 21, 2010

What's the Catch? Part 2

Hi! Well, all the images have been created for this project. The last stages of edits and redos are among us, so this thing ("What's the Catch: How to Avoid Being Influenced and Manipulated") should be ready for press very soon. Here are some more images from this project. The cast page, with just some of the charactersappearing in the book. All of the books in this series have a cast page but this is the first that really gets to feature more than just a few characters. this book was fun because it allowed me to work many different races and still stay relative true to the clothing styles of contemporary high school students. There were limits, I couldn't get too mod or gangsta or goth and I couoldn't explore some other styles but the publisher did loosen the reigns a bit for this book.
The cover. I came up with a lot of ideas for this including a chalkboard touting the "Catch of the day" but it wasn't working with the interior concept or copy.
Kids saying "no". Oh the possibilities, but deadlines allowed just the above and the two that follow in the end.

This got edited out as it didn't quite work with the concept.

The above illustrates the concept of giving something or somebody an inch and then having to give up a mile. If you let a camel stick his head in your tent, soon it will find its way all of the way inside, leaving your with no room or no tent.
Following those who claim to be leaders.

(A quick color attempt. All of these b/w spots are giving me color envey.)
This illustrates the idea that people tend to follow those who are on display or have material things of higher value. The publisher notes suggested a peacock struting around with a bunch of peahens fawning after him. Actually the peahen usually gets to choose from the group of adoring peacocks who all struggle to get teh best spot for the peahen to see them display. If you've ever seen this behavior at a zoo or elsewhere, you'd know the peahen doesn't appear to care at all for all the attention the crazy males are showing her.
The human version is below but, alas, was cut from the book.
The three shoppers. they are basically hanging at the throuoghout the entire book.They were supposed to look like they have been hooked and were ready to buy whatever it was that caught their fancy-pushing eachother out of the way to do so, but it sort reads like they are responding to a Chippendales show or something.

Nothing like drawing a kid crying...
...if you're fool enough to try to take away ahis favorite toy.
Black Friday...the moments before the doors to the stores open.
Volunteering at the soup kitchen.

being shown the pricey stuff by the sales staff... make the sale with the cheeper stuff.

If you want something, ask for the moon, when the person you ask freaks out, ask for someting tiny instead and it won't seem like a big deal and you'll probably get what you're looking for.
Think before you buy.
And you won't get hooked. Thanks for stopping by, more images soon.