Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gesture 2 Character Examples

Hello out there,
I haven't posted in so long I forgot what I was last focused on...Oh yeah, the Santa challenge.
Seeing as it's January 31 already, looks like I sort of missed the seasonal nature of that. I'll post something a little later with that in mind. For that post I have to say is: "Saul Ruiz"- stay turned for more, friends.
In the mean time, my students are off working on gestures for the character class. So in lieu of the lecture on Wednesday the 30th, I am posting some examples that take a gesture and modify it to character. Students, I hope this aids in your WOZ characters for Monday's review.
First a more masculine gesture for the workbook. By adding a bit more sweep and delicacy to the lines, you can a much more feminine look while still keeping the action of the original gesture.
Same is true for the reverse, by thinking about the size of your simple construction shapes, you can take a softer more feminine gesture and use it to build another type of character; in this case, a short, heavy guy. In this case I opted to make the gesture just a bit more stiff by straightening the force lines a bit. These are very quick examples, if you need further details or more examples let me know by leaving a comment here. Have fun drawing!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Meeting Sandborn's Challenge

So Mike Sandborn set up a challenge and I’ll never meet the deadline so I thought I’d cheat and post something I did for the SCBWI newsletter in May 07. It was a spot on graphic novels and here is the result. I know, I know…I’m no Pierre Allary but at least I’m trying to stay on the train as it were. Santa results are coming just hang on for the next posts. Thanks to Mike for including me on his challenge. 'Hope everybody had a great holiday break.