Sunday, September 25, 2011

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Faces From The Train 9/9/11

I took the lightrail to work. Here's what I got done both ways. (yay Tombo pens!)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I get asked the same questions. A lot.

So instead of repeating myself a thousand times I sent this email out to all my students. I hope it works, we'll see.

All classes have 50 gestures to do for next Thursday. Gesture assignments are always due on Thursday. The gestures which are due on Thursday, will be due on Thursday not Tuesday-that's when the cubes and other stuff are due-but Thursday and those gestures which are due on Thursday will be 50 gestures (due Thursday). 50 Gestures (due on Thursday) really? Yes, Thursday. So go out to some crowded place, sporting event, lightrail station, coffee shop, restaurant, funeral parlor etc. and draw people walking, dancing, playing, working out etc. and do gesture drawings for next Thursday. By the way your gesture drawings are due on Thursday. Gesture drawings (which are due Thursday) should be done in your sketchbook and take a minute or less, so in about an hour you should have enough to photocopy and hang on the wall for next Thursday, the day (Thursday) when you'll turn these in and also remember to take them down once you've put them up for review on Thursday. Thursday gesture drawings which are due on Thursday should fill a sketchbook page but be should be large enough so that 10 to 15 fit on a page. Don't draw all 50 gestures (due Thursday) so teeny tiny that they, all 50 fifty of them - due Thursday - fit on one page. That's too teeny tiny even if it is on Thursday. So be sure you get around 10 per sketchbook page. This assignment is due on Thursday and should be done in your sketchbook for Thursday in your sketchbook so you can photocopy them and hang them on the wall for Thursday. I'll see all of you on Tuesday which is when your cubes are due. It's also the day your 3 locations made from cubes are due and that day, again, is Tuesday, not Thursday which is two days after Tuesday and Thursday is when your 50 gesture drawings are due on Thursday.
This should clear things up. I hope. Thank you.

(Warning: there is no sarcasm on this blog. Ever.)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vader Sez Part 1

Once again employing the help of the dark lord of the Sith to get some teaching points across. We'll see if these go all semester.