Monday, January 17, 2011

Primary and Secondary Gesture Drawing.

Okay Students of my DAA 264 Drawing Animation class, let's be more clear about the gesture enigma. Gesture shows only weight and action and so I've tried to make it as clear as possible. the drawings below go with the first image from "modelworkbook2" in the group. This fellow is pushing his weight up on a pedestal and the so called 'primary gesture' describes the main visual force being exerted from the arc in the back down through the leg doing the pushing upward. Also the left arm and shoulder thrusting up to support the weight of the upper body. not much here but note the "catch/release" of the lines denoting the back and leg.

The Secondary portion of the gesture are those lines that describe the action of the rest of the body, in this case the limbs, feet, turn of the head etc. as shown below. This is done quickly to nail down the overall action of the pose, realistically it should take more than 20 seconds to nail this. It only gives a rough idea of what is happening in the pose but is the basis and "life" of rest of the drawing.
Below another example with a little construction thrown in. Note: the torque of the gesture for the weight leg.

Below is the same drawing but with the 'primary gesture' highlighted in red and the secondary in blue. Remember this only about primary/secondary gesture. Don't worry about constructing arms and legs or placing the anatomy correctly or anything else at this point even if the examples found here go further. This is all we should be looking for at this point, the other stuff will come later.
Other examples follow below. Try to find the primary/secondary gestures of these drawings, thinking this way and pushing the gesture allows me to keep my drawings alive. By the way, none of these drawings took longer than 5 minutes and most were two minutes. Go draw, draw, draw.