Friday, August 22, 2008

A Sence of Accomplishment

Hello, as I get ready for another semester, I am taking the time review some of my past projects. The Memory Bots Project is basically done but I'm waiting for comments on the cover. Here are some final samples that seem to have a nice sense of expression or at least, sort of ended up the way I wanted them to. I don't know if I'd draw them this way again, but I like the Black #935 Prismacolor on animation paper. Takes a long, long time though.
Kinda fun to draw this brain. Yay anatomy! (Can you find the Hippocampus?)The last two pages before the glossary are these comic pages. This was fun and different.
What do you think?


Michael T. Sandborn said...

make me a robot.

Jeff Jackson said...

You're already a machine, Mike.
By the way you're a new project...