Friday, June 6, 2008

Old Finds and a New Challenge

"Greetings my friends. We are all interested in the future because that is where we will spend the rest of our lives..."
Welcome back, before I talk about the "future", I'm going to live in the past for a moment. I was digging around in a some old boxes in the garage (trying to make room for the new little guy) and I came across this design I did for a shirt sold by Nature Company in 1996.

This, I believe was my first t-shirt for a large distributer and I loved the Nature Company store, too bad they went under. Cute little bunnies for a little girl's shirt. Sadly, this the only version I have as the original was destroyed in the scanning process. A story in itself but not worth getting into at the moment But, I am happy to say that my little girl is just the right age to wear it. So it will get another chance to see the sun, and juice and spaghetti dinners and cookies and peanut butter and jelly and boogers and a whole host of other stuff that finds its way onto little kids clothes. It will be fun to see her wear it. When she outgrows it, maybe I'll put in back into the box where I found it or burn it.
Speaking of the past, here's something I did a while ago which I still like and it gets to hang in my house despite the fact that it is now owned by my brother. Ah those Sith Lords, eh?
Which brings us to this announcement...The next challenge: YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE, GAME, TV, THEATER, COMICS, ETC. VILLIAN! That's right friends; everybody loves to root for the hero, underdog, or Protagonist but what makes it all worth it is to see the antagonist-the villain's- butt get kicked in the end (literally). So here's your chance to pay homage to those hand wrenching, scheming, foul playing, forces of evil conjuring, scowling, condescending, maniacally laughing, monologuing, doers of badness that are so much fun to hate. This can be any sex (or not), from any time period, human or not, and from whatever medium you so desire. How 'bout a due date of July 3...a date to remind us all that evil aliens can be overthrown because they use the same operating systems as we do.
Same specs as the past challenges due on July 3. Let's all get out there and RULE THE WORLD BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ahem...sorry 'got a little carried away. Have fun!


Pat Gillette said...

Great Challenge. I hope I do it.

Grant said...


Jeff Jackson said...

I hope you do it too, Pat. Grant, I'd like to say more but that about says it all. How are you doing by the way?