Monday, May 19, 2008

That Fairy Challenge...An Update

Well howdy!

So here it is the 19th already. Yikes, time flies- I never really got a chance to do anything for this challenge…so I’m extending it until MAY 31st! If you want to do something, now you can. I will get something up here too, promise.

But while we are waiting, lets look at some awesomeness from four wonderful people.

The first is from a fellow member of the SCBWI and diligent attendee of ZSC, Lisa Victoria. You can buy this one too!

The next one comes from a Cogswell coworker and a guy who really cares about the students, Mr. Reid Winfrey! It’s an honor to have something to post from you, Reid.

Here is another and this one’s from a recent Cogswell graduate and a former student of mine, Kyle Van Meurs. A hard worker whose skill and passion will be missed in the halls of Cogswell-good luck Kyle. Remember me when greatness knocks.

Last, is somebody special to my heart, my little girl. She came in while I was working on this challenge and did this drawing. She called it “chocolate”.

But who should win the cup a coffee? (Note: contributers who are related to blogger are ineligible to win) Start voting now, friends or get working on your own. Stay tuned there will be more to post soon.

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