Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Between The Semester Challenge

Hi, the end of the semester has come and I thought it would be good time to call, another challenge. I know, I know, I let down millions of viewers by not finishing my Santa post (…er…okay, so nobody reads this blog so nobody was let down, just me) but I thought I would throw out another cup-a-coffee challenge to whoever wanted to participate. Read the first challenge or look for others on this blog to get an idea of what we’re looking for.

So this time's challenge is a split. You could either do “Fairies taste like Poprocks” or “Sharks Uniforms”.

Here’s a little background on the fairy thing. One day while in class, Alex, a student of mine said fairies taste like “Poprocks”. I don’t know what we were talking about but it was too good to pass up. So for the this challenge, do something that suits the title. Here’s Tink (sorry my modelsheet are on the other drive) and some Poprocks to get you started. Thanks to Alex for starting this fire…not the other one.

The other is a bit closer to my heart. The Sharks lost to Dallas on Sunday night after 3 and a half overtime periods after making to the second round and surprisingly staying alive after tossing away the first three games. Yeah there are a lot of folks who have their own ideas as to why they lost but my thought is this: THAT DAMNED ORANGE. Yep, the Sharks got new uniforms at the start of the season and I admit I do like Terry Smith’s new logo-but they altered the color mix to emphasize orange. They had to heat up the teal of the old sweaters so it wouldn’t look too freakish with the new orange- yuck! Did someone who didn’t pass color concepts do this? I mean hot teal? I understand they are doing a throw back to the old days of hockey as you can see in the Seals jersey. And colors like orange seem to attract fans or at least fans with a bad color sense. But nobody ever asked. But it's definately this "orange" that brouoght about the downfall of the team that lead the NHL in away game wins. This is what happened on the ice: After playing basically two and a third games in one night, with lactic acid building up in the players muscles, past the point of exhaustion, on the verge of breaking under intense pressure, Marleau gets the puck, goes streaking down the ice on a breakaway and looks down at his sleeve and thinks “Good god! There’s a school bus on my arm!” and fans on the shot. Or Nabby sees Morrow with the puck and suddenly thinks “Wha-road construction ahead?” after which Morrow scores and allows his Stars to advance to the third round.

So this challenge is about designing new uniforms with a new color scheme that won’t be so distracting in high pressure situations.

So get on out there and come up with something to meet this challenge or do something for both. Due date is May 19.


jgiambrone said...

this past sunday was one of the most depressing nights ever. an emotional roller coaster the sharks put me through. damn them

jgiambrone said...

oh and the new sharks jerseys are horrible. i dont mind the orange that much, but the new shark logo is hideous (sorry jeff). it looks too cartoony and lame. great challenge idea!

Jeff Jackson said...

Hey Joe. I felt like I stayed up all night to listen to them loose. It's that durn orange. Looking forward to great stuff...maybe a model? 'Cept you can't bag on yourself like before.

Kyle Van Meurs said...

I'm down... This should be a fun break from other things I have going on. The due date is on my birthday too :D

BTW I see you are teaching a costume design class Jeff? That is awesome! Be sure to post notes please.

Josh said...

I am so doing the fairy one. Thanks for the challenge Jeff. See you next semester!!!