Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Memory Bots Final Finally


After many rounds we finally came up with something we could continue with for the book. We are only behind schedule by a lot (it was supposed to be due March much for that, deadline looms…)

Anyway, here are some spots for the book. Some are more ruff than others. I’m posting because you can see where we’ve started, did some revisions, did more revisions (many aren't shown), and ended up with these. Biggest difference are the episodic bots. They are easier to use now, but who would have thought there would have be so many? They sort of trans-mutated into my concept of the Fact bots and visa versa and I'm liking the Fact characters now though. I mean, there’s tons of room to play with a bunch a dog-like characters dontcha’ think? They represent different senses if you can't tell already. Procedural bots are fun now too; they all have drawers or cabinets (lockers) which they reach into to grab out a process. One's sporty taking care of those memories that involve an activity (riding a bike etc.), the baker handles the making food and when you eat it and what it tastes like category, Tiny handles the heavy operations and Bot takes care of the thinking processes. I had to name them something, there are too many to refer too now with out names.

Funny, usually the character design portion is fun and the rest is just work but this really feels, happily, backward. When I get a chance, I’ll tell you about the meeting ill-effected by a Starbuck’s mocha. This is fun now because they want it more comic book-y and I can employ a more storyboarded feeling. Now I just have to work up five more chapters, lay it out, and I'm done with this one. More to come.


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