Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Robot Characters in progress-And the next Challenge

Howdy! So I'm doing illustrations and design for a book on memory and am in the process of creating a group of characters that will be used to visually describe the different types of memory. There's semantic or fact based memory; what day it is, which comes first-the meal or dessert, your Mom's name etc. Then there's episodic memory or memory based on emotions; the smell of cookies reminds you of your Grandma, a certain song reminds you of a special event that happened in the past, and so on. There's also procedural memory; how to dress, drive or draw, shop, fix dinner, preform CPR, etc. Also shown is the decider robot, this bot will be used to show how the brain utilizes the different memories. Still trying out shapes and ideas so here are initial sketches, I'll keep you posted with progress. What do you think?Above is semantic, below is episodic

Procedural is next
...And last is the deciderStill more time to go on this, but it's been fun so far.
As long as I have your attention, I'd like to announce a timely challenge...
I've always loved Santa for as long as I can remember (speaking of memory) and Haddon Sundblom is God with his Coca Cola Santas. Here's your chance to do Haddon proud. Let's see your stuff after the "real" Santa visits, okay? How about Dec 30?
Have fun drawing.


Anonymous said...

Love the robots! Truly excellent. Especially the procedural ones.. and the decider ones too :)
(this is Lisa, from the zoo sketch crawl, who is too lazy to look up her google identity)

Kyle Van Meurs said...

Hey Jeff. I'm really liking the design on the first page, lower right hand corner. I don't know if it's getting across his character in such an obvious way like the others, but that is really cool! You definitely got the cute covered with the 2nd set... the big black eyes are making them look cute and creepy though haha.
That 2nd page for the procedural robot is awesome! Right away my favorite was the one giving a thumbs up, but the others are all very interesting and fun.
The last drawing for the decider is lookin' really cool too.

joe g said...

cool stuff jeff! is this for the sketchbook challenge?

Jeff Jackson said...

Thanks folks, I don't draw much mechanical stuff so this is a fun skill builder. I'll post more as we continue to meet and hash out concepts. The challenge is for everybody who wants to try it. Check some of the other challenges I've posted on this blog to get an idea of what you can do. Send me your work or a link to it and I'll post it when the challenge expires. Have fun drawing.
Hi Lisa BTW. Thanks for stopping by everybody.

Michael T. Sandborn said...

wee robots!!! hmm santa huh? sigh, the vamps must have me... i was thinking of a cute lil santa-girl hah. anyway, i'll see what i can do :)