Saturday, September 15, 2007

Two Eagles

So here's the other. I guess I should have altered the eagle foreground image of the new version back to the low angle with the fish in its talons but this is getting in to too much a of a good thing, er thing. I liked the flavor so much I had to go back for seconds and now I think I just ate too much. I have to push this dish away and get on something else. Which do you like?

By the way, sorry for sounding all elitist with the brush comment in the previous post. There are better artists than myself who use brushes and do it well. I just hate it when folks use pre-mades as crutches or excuses; Wyeth didn't have pre-mades. Anyway...there you go.


Anonymous said...

love the first one! it looks like it could be a commemorative lithograph. it also has an antique feel to it.


joe g

Pat said...

Whoops..I deleted my comment somehow. My bad. I prefer the first one. I really like the contrast between the center blue to the outer redish/orange. It's very appealing. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff!

So, I like the first one better. There's just something about the burgandy in the background that helps the inner square (with that blue on the bottom) stand out more.

And yes! So this anonymous thing...wonderous :D Thx Mike.

--Anonymous Big C