Thursday, September 13, 2007

Eagle Progress...

Drawing set to multiply, ground to a mid range sepia-ish, the outer frame will be clipped off in press. This 'brown' will ultimately get painted over but bits of it will show though and it gives an "earthy" kind of feel.
Ruff in some color for the frame. This is fun, I love to mess with color and this sort of thing is just like real pastels...without the multicolored snot when I blow my nose later. Some people like that I suppose.
Blue sky here. The sepia sky is coming, but I wanted to get this version out of my head. 'Beak is making progress here, starting to feel solid and believable. Even though eagles' beaks are razor sharp they are surprisingly translucent. Water is laid in at this point as well. so, how's the first bite? A little under cooked I'd say.
I had erased into the head as it was too white. So I worked back in with very light blues. Adding lavenders and violets to the pop the beak out. Oranges, magentas and yellows rim the sunlight edge. Looks like and eagle, or at least a bird. I know because I asked my daughter and she said, "it's a white birdie". So there.
Trees, mountains and reflections, oh my! I was pleased with the progress of the reflection on the lake. So far the flavor is building. At this point, I start disliking what I have so far but this is tasting pretty good now. Gonna go stir and let it simmer a bit. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Lookin' good Jeff.

What made you decide to pull further out on the lower landscape though? Or at least it seems to have made that transition from drawing to painting.


Anonymous said...

i like what you did with the center eagle better. why did you change it again?

joe g

Anonymous said...

second to last... i mean

Jeff Jackson said...

Hey, Kyle and Joe and "anonymous". I pulled out a little on teh eagle and went to a slightly higher angle because I was having this 'fish in talons' issue. So instead I dropped the fish and went for a wider shot. When teh other version gets posted, I think you'll see the fish again.
The drawing layer (which is slowly being erased) is turned off in the last example to show the color stuff happening in the layers beneath it. The eagle is going to be a teeeeny bit smaller than the drawing and that was due to the fact that I drew the wings a little long and the eagle was looking a little too much like a condor. (Check your notes about the importance of proportion here.)'hope that answers your questions guys.

Michael said...

I like it. it has a nice flow, and that blue is lovely :D The eagle 'bust' looks really nice and soft btw. Nice to see you doing digital works :D