Thursday, September 6, 2007

It pays to shop around

So we bought a new car last weekend. Those of you who know me, will join me in mouning the passing of a good truck which we traded in to get this 'zoom zoom' cool family mini-wagon-van 6 seater known as the Mazda5. It holds kids and stuff, and a big fat guy like me too. It's fun to drive and handles well. I dig the color too, although I haven't figured out what it's color number is yet, give me a little while.
We got it below invoice because my wife is a super awesome car shopper/haggler chica. When we got a reasonable price originally, I was willing to take it (I'm weak) but not Lynette. No, she said she wanted to shop around and still see if anybody else could give a better price, the dealer had a hard time letting us out of the store. She even called other dealerships the next day and sort of set up a bidding war via the phone. Finally we settled on great price that never would have happened if it had been up to me. Big props to my wife!

As long as I have your attention, I wanted to show you some "fine art" Amara did while I was working on the computer. She's almost a photoshop wiz, if only she'd stop bashing my stylus into oblivion. She's pretty good, especially at titling her work. I think perhaps she'll be a neurosurgeon or a right winger for the Sharks later so she can support us when we retire.
2 Pancake Pancake 2 RainDrop
I know this post isn't about my work, it's more fun to show this! Stay tuned for more banter.


californiagrown said...

Sa-weet..yeah these are great! shes gonna catch up to you fast. THe size of these is cool. Thanks Jeff

Jeff Jackson said...

Yeah...that's how I feel. Thanks

Saul Ruiz said...

Awesome Jeff! Go Amara! Go!

Jeff Jackson said...

Amara's getting there. I need a new stylus though...when she finds her muse again, I'll post more

Anonymous said...

Picasso watch out!

joe g