Saturday, March 31, 2012

How To Fold Fitted Sheets

Here it is, the first day of April and big changes are going on here at SonjebasaLand. After much consideration we have decided this blog would get more hits if it full of really useful information that EVERYBODY (mostly college students) could use. As you can see we have altered the design to fit this thinking. Please let us know if you love or hate this idea. We probably won't listen but you can still try.

Anyway for our first entry, folding fitted sheets. Because how the heck to you really do that? I mean, what evil sheet maker thought this was a good idea and why did everyone else jump on board? When I was a college student, there wasn't a single person I knew within a hundred miles that could fold a fitted sheet and every single one of those darn things just ended up stuffed in a closet of drawer doomed to wrinkle and ruin the love lives of many.

But DON'T WORRY! This page has some step by step answers for you.

Like all things, wash and dry these sheets. Place them in a laundry basket for folding. Fold immediately. Those of you who just throw them on the floor, there is a better way-keep reading...Fold the easy stuff first; pillow cases and top sheets (the ones that cover you) so you end up with nicely folded easiness and "Holy crap, what the heck do I do with this?!"
Next, set the folded stuff aside for now and find a corner with elastic sewn in on the fitted sheet (shown below)Next, find the other corner down on the same side and tuck one corner neatly into the other...... so the elastic and seamed corners match or are in the same position like below. You will need to use a hand to push the corners together. The other hand can be used to hold a camera phone (sorta) steady to take a picture that will be out of focus.
Let's move on. Now you will see that you can almost lay the halved sheet flat. Almost but not quite. Throwers-of-the-fitted-sheet-on-floor-people, don't give up, this is not as hard as say figuring out your taxes or even walking and chewing gum at the same time so stay with me. Above you see the corners tucked together and below you see the other side all tucked neatly together.
I don't mean to freak you out but here comes the most difficult part; taking the tucked corners shown above and tucking those together. It will be okay, let's all take a deep long breath here (I'll wait) and we'll continue. You can do this. if you can walk down a hallway more than a foot without crashing into a wall, this will be a piece of cake. Gather both pre-tucked corners and...
...begin to slide one corner in under the other as shown below...
...and pull them so they fit neatly into each other as shown below.Now you find that the tucked parts actually fold over completely effectively getting the weird elastic-y weird parts out of the way as seen below.
See that wasn't so bad, now all you have to do is fold over the whole portion treating it like one piece of fabric...
...bringing corner to corner...
and then smooth out with your hand while your other hand takes out of focus photo below.

Which will give you a very nicely folded fitted sheet your mother would be proud to see you do.
You can even fold it again (if the sheet is small enough to do so - shown here is a set of twin sheets).
Now take all of the folded sheets and stake them neatly into a, um, stack...
.and you're done. Wow, that was great! Go and pour yourself a nice glass of WAIT!!!!
You need to put it away first. NOW you are finished, go get something cold to drink. You know you're a master of folding fitted sheets when you can do a set of queen sized sheets (they work the same way as twins, fulls, kings, and even Cal kings). Woot, high five! Now go fold other stuff, like those socks all over your floor. Next time, using the washing machine to actually wash those sheets of yours. Because after two months, it's like, dang. Right?

I hope this was helpful thanks for tuning into SonjebasaLand. Special thanks to my son for sharing his bitchen Star Wars sheets for this tutorial.

April Fool!


Linda said...

Great tutorial! But here's an easier way: strip sheets off bed; wash & dry sheets; remove from dryer and immediately put sheets back on bed. Ta-da! Folding issue avoided.

Jeff Jackson said...

Blast, you're right. but surely you'd get tired of the same sheets all the time.