Saturday, November 1, 2008

Studio To Amara's Room

Because the Jackson three got bigger by one, we decided I would have to move my stuff out of my studio and turn it into Amara's new room. So, after moving everything out and getting rid of a lot of my stuff (thanks, Jessica for giving my table a good home) we began painting the wall like a sky. Amara was pretty excited about moving into her new space and I encouraged her to help. We stayed paint free with the help of some old pajamas and a little plastic painting smock.
Painting blue was fun for a while, and then she lost interest and left. She came back only to find that I was in the process of painting the clouds, which she wanted to do. So I taped off some cloud shapes which took so long, she lost interest again and left.
Finally it was finished and below is the final product. I need to set aside some time to paint something cool on the rest of the walls later but just know they will be covered with High School Musical 6, Hanna Montana, and Princess posters later.

She loves it!


ajmihara said...

Paint a star wars aerial battle on the other wall :D

good job, especially on the little clouds. must've been fun inhaling all the paint fumes. i hear adding a bit of vanilla extract helps get rid of the fumes...

Jeff Jackson said...

Indeed it does. Two tbsp per 1 gallon of paint.

Heath said...

What walls, all I see is the sky!