Saturday, November 22, 2008

Some Drawings

Hello out there. Here are some drawings from in class sessions this week.
It's always fun to draw the characters my students come up with and Yoda is a tough one to draw out of your head. 'Guess I need to watch "Empire Strikes Back".
Some from our Friday class with one of my favorite models, Rita. 'Brought antichrist brownies, everybody did well. Sorry these are such terrible scans
Drawing = fun!
Speaking of fun and Yoda, that will probably be the next challenge. I know I haven't done one in a long long time but get ready we'll do one soon. 'Can't believe I won't be teaching next semester, so I guess I gotta get in one more challenge.


Kyle Van Meurs said...

Hey who says you can't do challenges just because you aren't teaching?!

Nice to see some sketches popping up, and I'm sorry to hear that you won't be teaching next semester. You are definitely one of the few teachers that really made Cogswell worth attending.

By the way, where did all your cool links go? It was fun checking out all the artists and students that you had on there. Anyways, take it easy - I hope everything is going great.

Jeff Jackson said...

Thanks Kyle. I'm going to miss it, but if they want me back in semester or two, I'd love to come back.

They are still there...perhaps refresh?

ajmihara said...

Oh man, i missed the anti christ brownies??? *goes into a corner and cries* My sugary fat goodness! The artery clogging bliss!