Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Legion Of Honor San Franciso CA

Hi. Today my class met at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. In my top 5 favorite museums, I just love this place. I could spend all day walking the grounds and looking at the magnificent works inside. I hope my students enjoyed this excursion as much as I did.

Very sad to say that most of my photos were very shakey. Too much coffee I suppose but I just can’t get used to this tiny digital camera. This is best of the shots I took. Should have remembered to write down the artists oh well.

Lots of Rodin sculptures here. They always make me think of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”.

People whose flesh has been clumped and smashed together to form super humans.

Spectacular landscapes.

Jose Jimenez y Aranda's Holy Week In Seville 1879

I adore this painting and run through the museum just to spend time with it whenever I go.

There is so much character in the faces and the staging is wonderful, sure the composition is so so but ah to paint some many characters so beautifully...

Very disappointed I couldn't get a still picture, but can't use a flash.

Columbus As A Boy.Marble as cloth- the whole reason why we took the trip.

Upon arriving I saw a coyote, see it?

The Golden Gate Bridge shrouded in the fog.


Nepenthe said...

This trip was a lot of fun - I'd never been to the LoH before, and even though I couldn't hang out afterwards I'm definitely planning a trip back. Might drag the Spanish students up there or something, make a day of it...after 2 1/2 hours and trying to at least walk through all the rooms I still don't think I saw everything. Definitely not in detail. Wish I'd brought my camera (and lunch, and yes you warned us) now! >_<;;

Jeff Jackson said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it an came along. There is a lot to see and you really need to devote at least half a day to checking things out. The impressionists exhibit was great to see.