Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy 4th...Er 7th of July

Went back home to see Gramma and Granpa for Amara's first chance to hold sparklers and see "safe and sane" fireworks which are legal there. She liked them for a moment but then they got too loud and she was too tired so there ended the Fourth of July for Amara.
I took some pictures and here they are.
Writing Amara above. Need a longer exposure. Everybody gets in on it.
Don't use a flash

And this cool bug flew in for a visit.

Hope you had a happy and safe Fourth.


jgiambrone said...

fire works rule, bugs don't! oh, i replied to your message a few posts down. hope all is well!

Jeff Jackson said...

What's wrong with that bug? It was a cool and harmless although it sounded like a C130. So how have you been? Send an email sometime. If you're free for lunch some time let me know.