Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Figure Drawing Salon

Here's some stuff from Figure Drawing Salon, an open figure drawing session we hold most Wednesday nights at Cogswell. If you're interested, come on out and draw for 3 bucks from 7:00 to 10:00. Anyway not bad stuff for short poses. Fire me an email for more information. We try to keep it low key and have some fun. We play (sometimes distracting) music which gets the models into the swing......and sometimes when I'm having a bad night I just use the poses to draw trolls...Sometimes, when the night isn't going my way at all, I just make up stuff...I can't tell you where this one came from but I liked it, what do you think? Sorry BTW for not posting a challenge as of late. It's coming, I promise. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!


Kyle Van Meurs said...

Cool stuff. Are you using photo shop on some of those?

Anonymous said...

agreed very cool stuff!

Jeff Jackson said...

Yeah, scanned drawings- some with color from PS. As with the sessions, i tried to limit my time in PS. Set up a kitchen timer and at the ding jump to a new image. give that a try, friends. The troll and two others are straight drawings from a session(s). I'll post more untouched stuff if you demand. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you ate a big bunch of turkey, and remember...you are what you eat!