Thursday, November 12, 2015


So it's November and there's a thing called Dinovember going on where you draw a dinosaur everyday through the eleventh month of the year. I didn't participate in Inktober so I thought I'd try this dino thing this year.
I started out pretty well, having done this Darth Vader on the T-Rex in the style of Frank Frazetta's Warrior on Steed as a commission. Still need to make some composition tweaks on this.

And then came these, just throwing them in the sketchbook and only giving myself a short time to do them, most are colored pencil on paper, they lack in storytelling:
 But Photoshop and Sketchbook Pro are too useful to be ignored so more of these will come.

Today's is a Pteranodon with Ptie Phighters. Last night I awoke to the sound of a Pteranodon going to the bathroom but remembered, their "P" is silent.
See you tomorrow with more dinos, thanks for stopping by.

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