Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hair Simplification

Here's some hair notes to, hopefully, make drawing your figures/characters easier. As cool as details are and as fun as it is to draw details (or render them), they can get pretty complicated and hard to draw more than once.  We discussed this topic in class today, and here's some notes. Simplify your work to save the headache later.
Also here are some pretty cool hair examples, you've probably seen before:
 Andrea Reporter https://aluiramancio.wordpress.com/andrea-reporter/
Concept Art from Brother Bear 2.  Fun and simple hair shapes, good animation...but it's a sequel...and all that implies.
 Stylish and simple Chico from Chico and Rita.
 Clone Wars Season One designs from Genndy Tartakovsky.
Dora's hair is pretty cool and simple. I just wish she would turn around and she could see that darn bridge for herself.
 Elisa from Gargoyels.
 Holly Would's hair from Cool World is simple yet complex.
 Kronk is my hero. You guys are kinda confusing me, so...Be gone!...Or whatever makes you go away.

Lloyd's mustache is so well done from Bolt.  'Wish these characters were in the film more.
Witch Hazel has an awesome hair design.  It looks so...gloppy. and the two stringy lines make the hair believable.  She makes incredible exits.
Meg is a beautiful piece of design.
I really dig the slick designs for the Disney Infinity characters being created in Z-brush. Mirage's hair is an example of that.  Shape first with simplified details.
Nani's hair is yet another example of simple elegance.
Three examples of beards, one from Pettison and Findus, the other from Hercules, you know my opinion of Hercules but the design are second to none.  Amphitryon, very cool drawing here from Richard Bazley.  Look at the shape moving around Amphitryon's chin. And the last from Small One (who must be a distant relation of Tony's from Lady and the Tramp).
Wonderful simplification in the hair from Secret of Kells. 
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John Barten said...

Thanks of this. Really helpful! :)

Jeff Jackson said...

You're welcome!