Monday, April 27, 2015

Posing Breakdown - A quick demo

I threw together this quick page between classes to get you guys out of the thinking that each drawing needs to be cleaned up and look all pretty.  I took the photos with my piece of junk cell phone for lack of a scanner (and time) Always DRAW LOOSE AND ROUGH!! Many of you are loosing the essence of gesture in your work as you concentrate more on polish than gesture posing for storytelling. So here goes:  We started with thumbnails from last week.
Next, move on to full size work examples (not to actual size animation sheets, sorry). STAY LOOSE!
 'Really need a key between 3 and four but, hopefully, this should get the idea across. This is why you need to keep it rough, you will move through your drawings faster and be able to carry the story.  When you spend a long time on each drawing, you focus less on the story arc and poses needed to tell the story and instead focus on details which make your work stiff.

Then you add the other character from a different layer (sorry for the horrible image quality here, 'took the photo from off the lightbox to expedite this post - yuck) character 2 is pretty light but hopefully you get the idea of the loose expressive posing I'm looking for.

So, stay loose.  If your character wears armor or a ruffled dress or a spacesuit, don't get caught up in the details, just ruff it in - you can always tighten it up in a second pass.

Most importantly remember this: If your audience can't figure out what the character is feeling or trying to say in the pose, then whole piece looses its meaning.  Pose your characters with attention to clear storytelling poses through gesture that mean something, don't just have their arms and legs splay outward just because I "said to push your gestures".  If the pose is supposed to read "happy" we should see that, if it's "devastated" we should immediately see/read that in the gesture. Stiff, unconvincing, unclear posing is useless and boring.
Thanks for stopping by..this post will self destruct on May 6th.

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