Sunday, March 22, 2015

DAA 364 Beauty and the Beast Expressions Assignment Spring 2015

I took some screen grabs for a dialogue project from Beauty and the Beast

In this scene, Belle has saved her father after she is released by Beast and brings him home, Belle is watching over her dad who wakes up and we open with a shot of his blurred POV.
As the image comes into focus, Belle tells her father everything is alright and they are home. We hear Maurice say "Belle"; the look on Belle's face and the sound of her dad speaking is enough to motivate for a cut. 
We cut to a MS/MCU so we can see Maurice express but also to describe where Belle is in shot. (the above is from the Work In Progress version-my favorite version of this film).
We cut again to show Belle and her father hugging when Belle tells him how much she missed him.
We cut in again to catch the tenderness of the moment. The camera pulls out to allow Maurice to realize that she is safe from the clutches of the Beast. This opens up for a cut on action to a reverse...
 CU OTS on Maurice as he shows how he feels about the Beast and wonder of at how Belle escaped.
Cut to CU on Belle.  We don't need an OTs here as it is clear that Belle and Maurice are the only players and they are stationary so a cut in on Belle's face work fine to allow her to express how she feels for Beast. Something off-screen grabs her attention.
And we are motivated to cut to the purse/satchel/handbag/saack.  Drift right as Chip appears and falls on the mirror.
Cut to a close shot of Chip, for expression. "Hi!" the cup exclaims.  But his eye line leads us back to Belle.
A return eye-line is carried by Belle  and Maurice.  because of this, we know where in the room Chip is even though the shot begins without him in the frame. His quick action up the bed to Maurice's hand is cause for the dolly in to a two shot with Maurice and Chip. Reason: Chip is small, a subtle move is needed to get Maurice and Chip to interact.  
Cut on action to CU Chip in Maurice's hand, he looks up behind him to reestablish Belle's location. this motivates for a cut to:
CU Belle.  She wears a pained expression, it was a difficult decision to leave the castle and return home.  This expression also reflects her concern for Chip's feelings (and all of the characters in the castle).  She smiles to reassure but is interrupted by a knock OS.

Here is the scene (missing Belle's Vo but you don't really need until I put up an unmodified version of my own, this will due).

The script for the above sequence is below.  I will come back to address this topic more thoroughly later.  thanks for stopping by.

(Cut to black.  POV of MAURICE as his eyes open. He sees BELLE.)
MAURICE:      Belle?
BELLE:        It's all right, Papa. I'm home.
MAURICE:      I thought I'd never see you again.
BELLE:        I missed you so much.
MAURICE:      But the beast.  How did you escape?
BELLE:        I didn't escape, Papa.  He let me go.
MAURICE:      That horrible beast?
BELLE:        But he's different, now.  He's changed somehow.
(There is sound coming from BELLE's pack.  The flap opens and the MAGIC MIRROR
falls out with CHIP rolling to a stop on it.)
CHIP:         Hi!
BELLE:        Oh, a stowaway.
MAURICE:      Why, hello there, little fella.  Didn't think I'd ever see you
(CHIP turns to BELLE with a look of question on his face.)
CHIP:         Belle, why'd you go away? Don't you like us anymore?
BELLE:        Oh, Chip.  Of course I do.  It's just that--

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