Friday, May 16, 2014

End of Figure Drawing

I was offered the opportunity to teach a beginning figure drawing at SJSU this semester. So to commemorate the end of the semester, I put together a guide of class notes I did (and some other stuff) as a thanks for taking the class.  I am posting it here for those of you who have taken a figure class with me before and wondered what the heck I was talking about, not that it will make any more sense but at least it's put together in a little guide thingy.  We did cover a lot more but I can't seem to find all of the class drawings but whateva' eh? So here you go, DRAW BETTER! Make room for the Rhino.

Look there's Anatomy, and Skeletons, and Feet, and Hands, and Gesture, and Construction, and Ears, and Sock Talk, and Manicotti and and and all that stuff, even Princess Leia.  There was more, but this is what's here. Thanks for stopping by!

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