Sunday, March 2, 2014

Anatomy: Anterior Muscles of the Trunk

Here is a quick reference for isolated "top layer" muscles of the front (anterior) torso.  Though I am leaving out quite a few interior layer muscles, this should be enough to get you drawing.  I will post more about each muscle's function later, hopefully this will be enough for you to see what's going on under the skin.
Just get started, I am describing the latissimus dorsi in yellow (A detail to come later) which comes from the back as shown below. 

Sternomastoid originates from sternum and clavicles and inserts at the mastoid process and the pectoralis minor inserts into teh coracoid process of scapula from an origination on the third, fourth and fifth ribs.
External Oblique (in violet) makes its way up diagonally (oblique) from the ilium along the ribs.
The serratus anterior originates from the scapula around the ribcage (from ribs 1-9) in a sort of anatomical hug.  I need to post an entire page dedicated to just how many serratus you can see.
The deltoids or upper shoulder muscles originate along the clavicle and scapula inserting into the midpoint of the humerus and acts to raise this bone upward.
Pectoralis major sits on the chest and defines the inner edge of the 'arm pit'.  The shape of it is similar to a cartoon-y fish or whale.
Below, you will see the 'tummy' muscles better know as the rectus abdominus which acts to pull the pelvis toward the costal region (thoracic arc) of the ribcage.
The muscles, especially the abdominals and parts of the pectorals and external oblique are covered with the abdominal sheath, the lowest portion describes the inguinal ligament or the rounded part of the stomach above the pubis.

And all of the muscles laid in together so you can see them.  And there you have it, until I can get more specific, thanks for stopping by.

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