Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ocean Waves

 Commissioned to do a peice "about the ocean, you know" So I chose to paint a part of the ocean that I love, the Monterey Bay.  Standard process started with thumbnails of course.

Then, moved on to paint.  Here, I am just laying in the colors of the water and giving attention to the rocks and the splash.  The image boarders are taped off with removable tape.
 Below, waves are almost done as are BG colors.
 Next, foreground elements.  In this case it's Coastal Cypress.  It when a little south on me here and am not really happy with the result but deadlines are deadlines.
Here is the final.  Image size is 11X14"  I enjoyed doing this and despite having too much other stuff to do, I got to use my pastels again after a long hiatus.  MAN, I LOVE CHALK PASTELS.  Take that, stupid computer.  More of these to come.  Perhaps I'll try to do these while at office hours.  Which will make me a happier person to talk to and cover everyone's stuff with layers of very fine chalk dust.
 Here is a detail of the rocks, in case you are interested. 
Want one?  Let me know.  Thanks for stopping by.


Julia C said...

Thanks for posting the close up of the rocks! Love seeing the colors and textures in the details. :)

Jeff Jackson said...

Glad you like it, Julia. I wish my life would settle down so I could post more.