Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Emails I send out just to get people to do their homework...

Here is tonight's, happy Valentine's Day.

*Barry White plays in the background...

Hello baby.
I wanna tell you about homework. Yeah baby the homework that was assigned
today. You know the kind that was assigned while you made your beautiful
pencils move around on that paper.

Yeah babe. You may think this is going to take your whole life to do but you
can believe it will be due on Tuesday Feb 21. That's right baby, and you'll be
able to do it because, babe, you can't get enough homework babe.And when you do
it babe, I want you to just do it right there n your sketchbook babe.

So babe, you know when you open up your sketchbook and start workin' there ain't
no thang that's going stop you, so your gonna get in and get started doing a
grid for your room, babe. You know, just figgerin' out how all your stuff fits
in a room. No details or any other stuff that can get in the way of love, babe,
just basic shapes, babe. But this grid, you know you just can't get enough of
this grid thing, but babe, all you have to do is just one. One little page with
your beautiful pencils, babe.

Now you also have these five other location studies to do, babe, because you
just can't get enough of locations, babe. Now you're gonna open your
sketchbooks up and find a spot to draw. Now, baby, I know I told you I didn't
care what you drew for the other five and I don't, babe. So long as these
locations aren't from your standing height, babe. That's right I want you find
a spot other than standing that you can make those beautiful pencils swirl
around. yeah, babe, you can sit in a chair and see the world with your lovely
eyes as a person with lovely eyes sees the world for a siting position. Or,
babe, as you can't get enough locations, babe. Maybe try to lay yourself down
on the floor maybe in front of the cracklin' fire, babe. Be careful not to get
shavings from your beautiful pencils in the fur rug, babe. Draw the world with
your beautiful pencils from so low you just gotta know you're seeing things that
no standing person can see, babe. just draw 'em, babe. Don't you worry none
'bout just cubes or volumes or grids. Just you, your beautiful pencils and your
locations, babe.

Ah and honey, I don't want you to forget, babe, your cube rotation assignment,
babe. Twenty-five cubes of pure happiness, babe. 'cause babe, you just can't
get enougha these cubes, babe. So now, babe. just ease into your assignment and
let your beautiful pencils do their works of beauty and make beautiful things
that are beautiful. Cause Cube Rotation...can't get enougha this cube thang.
Cause Cube Rotation...can't get enougha this cube thang. Cause Cube
Rotation...can't get enougha this cube thang. Oh babe. Cause Cube
Rotation...can't get enougha this cube thang.....

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Sonjebasa's wifey said...

did you do this on your own or did you find it, cuz I think we need to talk about our relationship a little more in detail if you are writing this to your students...