Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Framing Help

Hi Welcome back.
So, if you want to frame a character or any subject, here's a 'little' handout that is general enough to be applicable to all frames and aspect ratios but shown in 1:1.85 Widescreen.

ECU = Extreme Close Up
CU = Close Up
MCU = Medium Close Up (Also called the Medium Close Shot)
MS = Medium Shot ( in this case, not to be confused with Master Shot)
MFS = Medium Full Shot ( head down to the knee)
FS = Full Shot ( The whole figure, head to toes)Click image for larger view.
Up next, more composition information. Hopefully this helps somebody.

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Psy said...

Hey Jeff - found this, and thought of the demo in storyboarding where we had to find images that tell a story...


Some of them are hilarious.