Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Figure Quick Sketches

So I've been spending a little time browsing blogs and what not and seeing all of the really great images that have been posted lately and I am feeling a little down because my own stuff is pretty blah of late. So with an apology to my four followers and anybody else who views this blog, I will make an effort to post cooler stuff in the near future. Thanks for sticking with me. Cool stuff on the way...really. I mean it. Okay cool stuff start happening....Cool stuff?


Bildbalger Concepts said...


As if funny face photographs, St. Valentine's Day notes, and trolls aren't exciting. Psh!


Brad Goodchild said...

Love the sketches Jeff, ruff poses rock

Jeff Jackson said...

Hey guys, thanks for the thoughts and for stopping by. Cool stuff is on the way, I just need to search around for it.
Brad, I have question for you but don't know any other way to do so. Can you point me to a link or site or something?