Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Muscles of the Posterior

Here are some lecture drawings created for our discussion of the muscles of the rear.
If you need me repeat the function, origin, and insertion of each of these muscles, just leave me a comment. Remember the muscle pulls in to its origin. The bone, or system attached at insertion gets pulled.
Skeleton visual starting point.

The top layer muscles are shown isolated and identified.

As they would appear without the skin, note the stretch and compression on either side.
Anterior is to come, hang on.
Let me know if you're looking for a detail.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again Jeff, good post.

-Kyle V.

Jeff Jackson said...

Kyle, no problem. It's fun, and I get to show off my lecture notes. Self indulgence rears its ugly head.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope this provides some assistance for you and everyone.

Anonymous said...

yeah definately, great post! favorite so far! if you could talk about insert points of these muscles that would be cool, too. that is what i had trouble with in our past class. im looking forward to more.

joe g

Jeff Jackson said...

Joe, it's in your Peck's Anatomy book. Perhaps you could open it up and...

Anonymous said...

pictures are better than words!

well, you know who this is.